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Christmas wishlist..



This years Christmas wishlist is a little less excessive, No Chanel in sight. I’m having a bit of a love affair with Etsy at the minute, where basically everything is from! The grey boots are going to be my next treat, Kurt Geiger knows how to make a great clunky/chunky / ugly boot, all the things I want in one! The pug, as you may have gathered from earlier posts I’m obsessed.

Christmas Teapot’s = Love

By now it may have become apparent that I’m a big fan of a cool teapot or teacup. These Christmas inspired beauties from Cater at Selfridges are right up my street. Christmas cheer and a teapot, what more could a girl want?

A Christmas Wishlist..

It’s that time of year again! Realistically Santa won’t really be bringing me any of following but a girl can dream hey? The practicality of getting a new laptop has taken over the chance of requesting any of the following..