Packages are customised based on the individuals needs. Email for prices and packages suitable for you. Individual requirements are at the forefront of each service.

Personal Shopping:
Whether you are shopping on a budget, feel your style is lacking imagination or you are just looking for a style over haul a personal shopping trip or style analysis could be the option for you.

Full/half day:
A personal shopping trip begins with an assessment of the client’s needs. From here the individual will be brought to stores in search of their new and improved inner style. Linda provides a personalised service and comfortable atmosphere in which the client will gain knowledge and confidence in shopping. Linda prides herself on the fact that each client goes away feeling educated and armoured with the knowledge of how to dress and feel fabulous.

A full day is advised for those in search of a new wardrobe for a season or for staples. A half day is ideal for those who feel their wardrobe needs to be brought together by adding key pieces.

Whether it is a wedding, christening or any special event Linda has styled clients from all ages. This service provides a stress free environment where you spend an afternoon in search of the perfect outfit. This service is perfect for anyone who wants to take the stress out of finding the perfect outfit for any occasion. A range of options are available in this particular service. Clients can meet with Linda on the day, or she can go out and select a range of options and you can choose from them via email or an arranged meeting.

This is a service which helps mums to be plan and shop for a versatile maternity wardrobe. It begins with an assessment of the individual’s wardrobe, with the view to selecting pieces that can be brought into the wardrobe selection. The aim is then to add affordable and staple pieces to your maternity wardrobe. This is done by a half day personal shopping trip in which the client can add pieces and gain a stylish collection of looks to take them from the first to the ninth month.

Services to your home:
If you are looking to refresh your style, find out what is that suits your shape or interested in what colours suit you, below are the steps to take to a new improved you.

Wardrobe assessment:
A wardrobe assessment is a great place to start for anybody who wishes to update their look. It provides clients with invaluable knowledge of how to dress and feel great in what they wear. Your wardrobe will be broken down into groups. Linda believes that it is important to carry out this service explaining to the client why each item should/should not be included in their final wardrobe selection. The aim is to create a wardrobe with great staples and build upon this with accessories and trends.

Image Consultancy
An image consultancy is usually carried out in the home of the client. A body shape analysis is performed showing the client how to dress for their shape. Along with this, a brief wardrobe and colour analysis included. This consists of recommendations to improve your wardrobe with the newly gained knowledge of how to dress for your shape. Clients are given a personalised chart in which they can refer to after the image consultation.

Colour Consultancy:
A similar procedure to an image consultancy, a colour consultancy provides individuals with an in depth knowledge of the colours that work best for their skin tone. A personalised colour chart is given to each client, along with a brief image and wardrobe analysis.

Business and corporate services:
The way an employee dresses in work is in turn a reflection of the business. This service provides a consultation (Usually groups) to discuss how the way individuals choose to dress in a professional atmosphere reflects the company and how to dress for success. Workshops are altered based on the requirements of each company.

Group services:
A great idea for a girl’s night in, this service provides an evening of style. Tips on shopping, styling and wardrobe management are all features of the package along with a personalised body shape analysis for each attendee.