Monthly Archives: November 2011

Rainbow hair..Wowsers…

Movember shoot…

This Month I had the pleasure of being one of the stylists (Alongside the amazing Angela Scanlon) for a Movemer shoot for the Irish Independent LIFE magazine.

Avid male supporters got involved, and got suited and booted in all Irish brands.

Check the article online to hear their reasons in supporting such a worthy cause.

Today being the last day, I hope all the Mo-Bros and Mo-Sisters had a very happy Movember!

Fly like a butterfly, Sting like a bee..

This is a shoot I styled recently with an amazing team! It was set in a boxing club but had a fun, feminine and edgy feel..

Thanks to Eilish, Siobhan, Laura and Kate xx

Just Chilling…

Sophie Harris Taylor Photography..

Love these images,by a cool artist by the same of Sophie Harris Taylor, A London based photographer. Love the lighting and mood, Gorgeous!

A teacup table lamp..

So, Next just got cool and quirky! This lamp is at the top of my Christmas wishlist. Its about €50, Any takers?

My blue leather skirt..

I kinda fell in love with this vintage blue leather skirt in London. It has taken a pride of place in my wardrobe, I’m just holding on for a Christmas night out for it to make it’s appearance. Paired with a simple white tee, chunky heels and my spikey necklace, yum:)

Lego shoes..Walking just got interesting..

Created by a British artist named Finn Stone these lego shoes  have a big smile on my face! Love..

Leopard print + Skulls = Yum

I picked up this little sheer cardigan in San Diego and I still love it. Not your average wardrobe staple, but it has became mine! I teamed it with my vintage hat that’s getting a lot of outings these days due to the unpredictable weather:(





Selfridges Christmas Windows

The Christmas windows in London ate pretty amaze every year, but yet again Selfridges win the race. This, along with the coca-cola advert, I’m beginning to feel a little christmassy.. Dare I say in November…