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Glitter + Converse = Delicious..

Oh these are just wonderfully sparkly! I’m a sequin freak and these tick all the boxes..Early Christmas present to myself maybe??

Chloe trainers..Please come into my life..


In the past few days I have been too close to falling on my face in my Converse. Dublin seems to be extra slippy the past few days and as funny as it is for passers by I’m over sliding everywhere. Be that in front of cars or innocent passers by. So then I stumbled upon these beauties. Even if they did turn out to be slippy I care not. They are just amazing. 

Natasha Poly for Spanish Vogue..


So there is no doubt that Russian model Natasha Poly is the next big thing but it was the styling in these snaps that caught my attention. Love the attitude captured by the super talented Greg Kadel..

Ashish S/S12..There is a flower in her shoe..



This is actual genius. Flowers in boots on a catwalk. The collection in general had a lot of floral prints. Yet, the cool country “I just ran through a field” look balanced the overall pretty feel. The hair and the make-up were touches I really loved too but heck the flowers in boots just made me smile!

When fashion met food..

Korean designer Sung Yeonju took fashion to another level creating a collection entitled ”Wearable Food”. Sung took everyday foods and created a collection in hope of encouraging people to buy organic clothing and live sustainably. So what does it take to create a collection that takes the fashion world by storm but still have ethical elements?  That would be tomatoes, lotus root, eggplant, bread, bananas, winter mushroom,red cabbage, and bubble gum of course.

Carters teapots.. All my dreams in delph..

I cannot describe my excitement on finding these bad boys. As I mentioned before I collect teapots and teacups, I cant’t describe how badly I need one of these.. Eh Hello, a singer teapot, could it be any cooler? Check an amazing full collection here..

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Hermés SS12

This SS12 Hermés presented a collection that brought a new dimension to the already beautiful label. It began with the whitest of white fabrics in flowing, romantic and soft styles. This then took a turn and pieces became more tailored and crisp. Next prints were introduced. Rich Moroccan tones, Native American kachina doll prints and Mediterranean attributes were introduced at the perfect pace. This collection was more relaxed and confident than the last. It felt like Hermes knew who it was as a brand. Each piece told a strong story but was still created in a way that it could sit comfortably within the collection. Simply beautiful!

Dublin Contemporary 2011…

Last Saturday was possibly Ireland’s introduction to the miserable weather ahead this winter. Rather than staying inside all day I took a trip to Dublin Contemporary. It was nothing short of amazing. Above is only a SMALL selection of the pieces I truly adored.

Personally I really enjoy and could spend hours in galleries but this exhibition would have even the least art-enthused individual at the edge of their seats. It really has something for everyone.It’s fun, fresh and exciting.

A feature I loved is that you can download an application for your smart phone and that is basically your personal tour guide. You simply type in the number of the piece you are viewing to retrieve information. Simples!

The theme for Dublin Contemporary 2011 is ” Terrible beauty – Art, Crisis, Change and the office of non-compliance”. The theme stemmed from inspiration from the W.B Yeat’s poem “Easter 1916″. It’s intention is to evoke the spirit of the present time, emphasizing how the idea of change itself has changed utterly. Going into the exhibition with this in mind gives a whole other light. You can see where each artist is coming from. But the great thing about art is everyone has a different interrprutation of what the message of each piece is. I went with my friend and we often thought completly different things.

There are 114 artists from 5 continents, each piece rivalling the “terrible beauty” of the next.

The bad news? It ends October 31st, leaving you only 23 days to see this mesmerizing exhibition.

For more information click here.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did:)


Her hand is in Vogue..

I’m researching for a shoot at the minute and I have fallen in love with these images. Soft, delicate and majestic! There is something special about a shot this close that still gives as much impact as a full length shot with a setting in the background.

What I really love is the way the hands are used in these snaps. It feels natural but still considered.

I’m all about the hands in close-ups right now!