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Update your suitcase..


Love this! This is the more timid of the selection of suitcase stickers available. Cool way to add a bit of character to luggage but i don’t know if airport security would find the funny side..Oh well! You can get them here for about 20 beans each! That’s cheap funnsies..

Manley and all it’s magnificence..

I can’t quite describe how much I adore this collection. I guess it’s like this; when there is an artist you love and you buy their album, and you love every song on it. You never really expect everything on it to be perfect, but when it is, well it’s amazing.

This collection is my “perfect album” if you will. Every single piece is so unique yet the entire collection is so cohesive. Each garment is something that you can imagine wearing so many different ways  and yet, still cherish it for life.

The cut, fabric, stitching and form of each piece is so instinctively created. When you put a piecce of Manley on you feel like every aspect of that one item was crafted with you in mind.

It is the work of the wonderful Emma Manley that brings this beauty before your eyes.

Emma is Dublin born and based and her exceptional talent has seen her create a label which is no less than perfection. Plus, this chick insists on supporting the Irish Fashion Industry among with other Irish industries by only producing in the Fair green isle.

You can check her website here, But if you just can’t wait and you just gots to get you some of this wonderfulness now it is available in Bow Boutique in the Powerscourt and also Brown Thomas on Grafton street..

How to accessorize this A/W11..

Your guide to accessorizing this A/W11..

Think big, and then think bigger. Let chunky pearls, glittering stars and embellished art deco style earrings skim your shoulders this season. Bless our poor earlobes but heck will our ears look good.

I’m not really feeling the chocker so luckily the collar is a hit this season. Statement giant gems and crystals  make a dramatic impact on a simple outfit while smaller pearls and the much sought after a Hermes collar are go to’s to tone down more outrageous outfits.
This season it’s all about how you hold your bag. Grab it by the base and clutch it tightly. If this isn’t your style the mini satchel style is making a strong appearance. One tip though, practice packing lightly, a bulging little bag is never that cool.

Mannish styles:
Loafers, brogues or lace-up boots; embrace the androgyny of the catwalk this A/W. Dare you try the pointy pilgrim for a more lady like take on the trend?

Buckles and big buttons:
The Mary Jane and the T-bar are making a striking come back. Look out for the sturdy heeled options for a cool daytime look.

Knee boots:
Given our winters these a must in any Irish wardrobe. Suedes, leathers and laces ; options galore.

It doesn’t really matter what one you want to wear because hats are just huge this season. Beanie, beret, cap or trilby the choice is yours. Big or small it’s almost impossible to get it wrong!

How to wear Print & Pattern this A/W11

Pattern and print:
Prints were everywhere this season and to every Girly-girls delight florals are still huge this A/W. Elaborate designs and prints along with simple spots were also a designers favourite. The selection of the most ornate to the most simply elegant prints are at our finger tips this season.

Be inspired:

- Spots were a Stella McCartney signature this season. Take inspiration from here beautiful dresses if you dare rock two trends, sheer and spots.
-Erdem did floral prints to perfection, let your inner little lady out in their beautiful prints and patterns.
-Decorative prints were taken to the extreme by Mary Katrantzou and Cacharel. For something a little more simple look to Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquiere.

Wear print and pattern with confidence:
-This is the perfect excuse to keep those summer florals out, but remember it is A/W so be careful what you pair it with. Think chunky knits and big boots.
- Spots are an easy introduction if pattern isn’t your thing. It’s fun, simple and something you can wear again and again. Go for a cool dress or even something as simple as a T-shirt.
-Decorative prints are statement pieces. If you decide to embrace this trend remember everything else should be kept to a minimum including hair makeup and accessories.


Hello rain, I see you have returned.

So, the skies opened today and Boom! Irish weather is back. Rain, rain and more rain. But hey, it can be kinda pretty, can’t it??


How to do Androgyny this A/W11

This season it’s all about being one of the boys. Think masculine silhouettes but with a touch of femininity. Beautiful fabrics and delicate layering make it a wearable trend, it’s also extremely easy to carry from day to night.

Be inspired:

-Look to Michael Kors for androgyny with feminine references. Plunging necklines and extreme tailoring.
-Chanel continue on with their signature style but add boxy shapes and more draped styles. For those of you who are more adventurous with this trend this is your go to designer.
-This season Stella McCartney showed us how to achieve maximum femininity with soft lines, fabrics and shapes yet still maintain that masculine vibe.
-Look to Paul Smith if you dare to go all the way with this trend. He rocked the catwalk with chilled out, oversized pieces.

Still a little daunted?
- This trend is super easy to wear, introduce yourself to it with a boxy blazer if everything else seems a tad too much.
-It’s a really good choice for day to night. Just pop on a blouse with a plunging neckline after work add a killer pair of heels and you are all set.
-Tapered trousers are a staple in any wardrobe so invest in a great pair now because there is a massive selection in stores.


How to wear Metallic’s this A/W11

Sparkle, shimmer and shine:
Whether you want to glimmer, shine or sheen this Autumn/Winter, one thing is for sure dirty metallics are huge. The appeal of luxurious glitzy evening gowns never really lose their appeal but this A/W razzle dazzle is introduced into the day.

Be inspired:

-Check out Balmain, for dirty gold metallics.
-Dolce and Gabbana for sequins and extra sparkle.
-Dressed down metallic glamour at Mulberry.
-If this trend is a little too daunting look to Miu Miu. Sequin details are just as beautiful.
-Marc by Marc Jacobs for teaming sheen with sparkle.

How to rock this trend:

-Introduce yourself to this trend by piece, e.g team a dazzling top with great jeans.
- Keep everything else simple; hair, makeup and jewellery should be kept to a minimum. The sparkle will be more than enough!
-Don’t be afraid to introduce this trend to your day time wardrobe, just tone it down. Think of teaming pieces with boots, coats and casual pieces

An inspired day in Dublin..

I fell a little bit more in love with Dublin today. Everything beautiful just seemed to smack me in the face from all different streets. So in all my excitemnt I picked my favourites and here there are, my photgraphic diary from my day..

1) Raspberry ice-tea is amazing and its my new favourite drink. This has no relevance only that I happened to discover it today also and its made my tummy really happy:)

2) A street covered in this awesome graffiti brightened up a boring lane. I don’t see it as vandalism, (Ok so it’s not exactly commisssioned or done in broad day light) But it’s art and it’s cool.

3) An old front of a house/shop front. In reality it’s amazing all the paint is chipping and peeling off but the colour is still so vibrant. It’s somewhere off Camden street Dublin 2, I don’t know really as I was lost..

4) This installation “I am afraid of..” is near Temple bar. It seems people write their fears in chalk and it’s there for passers by like myself to read. I loved the concept it’s one of those really thought provoking pieces. Any one know who did it??

After such a wonderfully inspired morning I decided to hit the National Gallery.. More on that soon!


A cool chair..

I think I have turned into a bit of an interiors freak since I moved into my new apartment.This chair right here could not be cooler. It’s a vintage suitcase turned into a chair! Check out this chick’s blog for more fun make and do, and instructions of how to make this beauty. It’s my next project for definite.. Wouldn’t it just brighten up any corner..

Mr Rubber Duckey..

From the same dude who brought us the “Big ass Bunny” which I had talked about before, here he is with another amazing project. Check out a full set of images here . Wouldn’t this duck just put a massive grin on your face if he was floating around the Liffey?