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Victoria Beckham A/W 2011

A new relaxed approach was seen in Victoria Beckham’s collection in New York for her Autumn/Winter collection. Now in her sixth season you can see softer forms and lighter tones. The splash of colour amongst the incredible texture and signature lady like styling adds personality and interest to an already exquisite collection. Whoop whoop for VB.

Chanel A/W 2011..incredible

A nod to Coco Chanel’s original style and love of androgyny, this seasons Boy meets girl style reached perfection in this Chanel’s autumn/ winter show in Paris. Slouchy styles were challenged by feminine touches including plunging necklines and luxurious fabrics.  In my eyes Karl Lagerfeld can really never get it wrong, but this season gave me new reason to adore basically every fibre in each garment. An extensive awareness of what the youthful culture want to wear today was displayed , but he still maintained the classical Chanel style. The catwalk was smoldering with a grungy feel, models emerged from a glowing ray of light which was hidden behind a large frame for the lead up to the show. Models strolled along wooden slats, with a seemingly ashy air in the building, all contributing to the mesmerizing scenario. The clothes speak for themselves, each one more beautiful than the other.

Splurge, spend, SAVE!

What do we have here only a fantabulous Burberry-Esq/DKNY-Esq trench! Where?  Topshop. How much? €149. It’s something that’s bang on trend, a classical style and a wardrobe staple. Emma Watson rocks last season’s Burberry version, Donna Karan takes a fresh view converting it into a cape style. Either way this is a piece for anyone tired of the classic old trench!

When the Irish rocked New York Fashion Week..

Among an editor from, the director of Teen vogue, Terry Richardson and get this Anna Dello Russo, Ireland was represented very stylishly at New York Fashion week. selected the 22 most stylish people during the week and Laura Halton, a fashion student was snapped up by their team for her perfectly composed look. There is no arguing with the fact that Laura looks fabulous but isn’t it something for us all to be proud of! Go Laura!

Apart from gracing the pages of Vogue, Laura was also finalist in The Irish Fashion Innovation Awards . Below you can see Laura Jayne’s entry for the Category of Student Designer of the Year. The 2 piece outfit is inspired by a fusion of the silhouette of the New York City skyline and Irish Heritage Tweeds and wools, creating a powerful and classic feminine shape. The dress is a princess line cut with a stepped squared neckline and dropped shoulders.


Also why not check out her website here..To have a sneak peek at her other projects!

Giving new life

Wouldn’t this just brighten up anyones day? Julianna Santacrus Herrera fills potholes with lines of knitting in Paris. How cheerful and chuckle worthy are these potholes now? Perhaps our governement could employ her? Then there is Jan Varmam. This guy uses lego to restore missing pieces of buildings. His work can mainly be seen in Bocchingnano in Italy, where run down buildings are given a bit of life!I love it!


I love these images, so beautiful! What else can I say..Inspired:)

This is the dream

My obsession with collecting teapots and teacups had hit a new high this summer, and then I came across this one! This is the coolest teapot I have ever seen. Ever. Designed by a dude named Trevor Jackson this man is the coolest person ever to me at this time.


Paris Hilton..

Im not her biggest fan ( Or fan of any sort in fact) but heck does Paris Hilton look amazing in these pictures. When you take away the “OMG” and “That’s Hot” malarky there is something there! In V magazine…Impressive..But bondage inspired and a tad too sexy but they are still cool picturegraphs.

Street style in Dublin..

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Get your Geek chic on..

Here to please the geek chic are these fun little finds.I’m loving the keyboard wallpaper and blazer. My favourite is the algebra formulas for the sole of shoes, how genius.Why ever I didnt search for this when I was in school, it seems kind of obvious (A slap yourself on the head saying ‘Duhhh’ kinda invention actually). Truth be told we all have a little nerd inside who is eating these little gems up…own up!